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Securities Attorney Representation

Looking to add a more white-gloved experience to your offering? Enjoy exclusive pricing to work with our preferred third-party Securities Attorney, Stephen Slawinski of Slawinski Law

Entity Formation

Form entities specific to your project

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Obtain an EIN

Obtain EINs needed for your project entities

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State Registration

Register in the state where your project is located

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SEC Registration

Handle your registration with the SEC (Form ID)

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Form D Filing

Take care of filing the Form D for your specific project

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Blue Sky Notices

File the State specific Blue Sky Notices

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Flexible Pricing

Exclusive pricing starting at just $5,000

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Attorney Consultation

One-on-one consultation with our preferred third-party attorney

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Custom Revisions

Receive unlimited customizations of your syndication legal documents

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*State and Federal filing fees are not included
*Entity filings are $500 each, not including state fees
*Attorney may charge a higher fee based on the complexity and timing of your deal.

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